47 Decent Lifestyle Design Resources

Lifestyle design (LD) has a lengthy past but a short history. The art of (sometimes radical) lifestyle configuration, however, has been practiced for quite sometime by liberated people from all walks of life.

The growth of the Internet has enabled those loaded with cash to disconnect from the 9-5 without disconnecting from their Porches, Louis Vuitton gear, mobile cash cow businesses, and brokerage accounts. The Internet's rise has also allowed persons from less auspicious backgrounds (like myself) to live creatively without making seemingly prohibitive income sacrifices. Indeed, if one plays their cards right, a mainstream Internet presence can eliminate the monetary drawbacks that used to come with a non-mainstream lifestyle. Technology has come a long way, and I'm glad that lifestyles are starting to catch up.

Here's a list of lifestyle design resources that might be of help to the interested.

Lifestyle design is by no means a solidified concept. It goes by many names, and fragments of information are distributed across the Internet and buried in sundry places. As such, this list is by no means exhaustive. Anyway, since I'll be maintaining this list over time, please do send me a relevant link if you have one.

Craft, Inc. is the hipster business primer for entrepreneurial crafters to turn what they do for fun into what they do for money.

What's your dream escape? Relaxing on a palm-studded beach? A year off to write your novel?

In the tradition of such trailblazing books as No Logo and The Tipping Point, In Praise of Slow heralds a growing international movement of people dedicated to slowing down the pace of our contemporary times and enjoying a richer, fuller life as a result.

And there's more to come...