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Flirtatiously Fit:
The Ultimate Guide to Eating
When You're Single

At some point in your life, you’re eating alone. Whether it’s because you’re single or your significant other left to skydive at Joshua Tree, it’ll happen. This invaluable book shows you how to prepare 500 meals that are ridiculously delicious and just the right amount for numero uno.

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About The Book

The Science Behind Solo Snacking

Believe it or not, when you cook for yourself, your body actually functions better. We show you the five irrefutable scientific reasons why in this book.

500 Easy, Healthy (Mostly) Meals

C’mon. Not every meal can be healthy. We give you 500 time-tested recipes that cover every meal of the day. They taste good, they’re easy to make and they’re kind to your bank account.

BONUS: The Meal That Shook The World

In 1958, world-renowned French chef Gui de LuPont made a meal so good he divorced his wife of 54 years just so he could make that meal daily. We found that recipe, and we exclusively feature it here.

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  • I’ve had a girlfriend since college. She’s a fantastic cook, so my culinary skills were kicked to the curb when she moved in. BUT, she and her friends went on a month-long trip recently, and I suddenly had to fend for myself. This book helped me rediscover my love of cooking, and I’ve never felt better!

    Stevie Johnson

    CEO at Love Inc.

About The Author

Durango Jennings has exceptionally horrible social skills to thank for his 58 years of bachelorhood. In that time, he’s perfected the art of cooking for one, and his work has been featured in Time, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

Durango Jennings

Flirtatiously Fit:
The Ultimate Guide to Eating
When You're Single

You need this book. You never know when you’ll cook alone, and this book will save your stomach (and wallet). Enjoy these 500 recipes and become the cook you always could be.