30 Days

About The 30 Day Challenge

The “30-Day Video Storytelling Challenge” is free to join and participate. There will also be opportunities along the way to get additional help and guidance from your 30-Day Challenge hosts, Felicia Slattery and Lou Bortone.

Our goal is to build an active, supportive community of peeps who want to tell their stories and create compelling content with online video.

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30 Day Challenge ends in...

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Why Join the Challenge

  • Get daily support, motivation and accountability to create videos and spread your message.
  • Discover tips and resources on making your video message more powerful with story-telling.
  • Be part of a fun, supportive and positive (Facebook) community who helps each other succeed.
  • Produce 30 new videos that can easily be “multi-purposed” as blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, a video tips series and much more. (This could be enough video content for you to use for 30 weeks!)
  • Create compelling video content that will get you much more visibility and credibility, as well as powerful SEO benefits.
  • Access to Lou and Felicia’s 30 videos that include ideas, inspiration, shortcuts and resources.
  • Receive free, weekly coaching calls with Lou and Felicia, as well as daily tools and tips to help you along the way.

Your Challenge Hosts

Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone is “The Godfather of Video,” with over 20 years of experience in the TV business and nearly 10 years as an online video marketing expert. Learn More

Felicia Slattery

A teacher and trainer for more than a decade at businesses, colleges, and universities all over Chicagoland, Felicia J. Slattery, is a published author, popular professional speaker, and communication consultant and coach to entrepreneurs around the world. Learn More

  1. Create and upload a new video to YouTube every day for 30 days in May. (We’ll show you how)
  2. Share your video in our private Facebook group to get feedback and support.
  3. You can also post your video on your own website or blog to drive additional traffic.
  4. View and comment on other videos in the group. Repeat each day for 30 days!

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Video marketing is the single most powerful tool to get you more visibility more quickly, so you can get your message out, attract your ideal clients, make more money and have more impact.

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  • Private VIP Q & A calls with Lou and Felicia – These will be extremely helpful in getting you unstuck!
  • Personal and customized review and critique of your videos by Lou or Felicia.
  • Bonus TBD from Lou’s courses.
  • Bonus TBD from Felicia’s courses.
  • Bonus copy of Lou and Felicia’s “Speaking on Video” Course ($ value)