Never fumble for your credit cards and IDs again.

Kickstarter Rewards

With your support, I would love to begin manufacturing the Tab ‘N Grab and offer you special rewards based on the segments you’ll see below.

What Makes The Tab ‘N Grab Awesome

Feverishly searching for your credit cards and IDs in your bag or purse can be time consuming and sometimes embarrassing.

I mean, who wants to be at the front of a long line and not be able to find your credit card within a minute.

Well, this kind of event can cost you more than just a little bit of time. The Tab ‘N Grab was created to save you the frustration and angst you may experience in these kinds of events. With your child tugging at your sleeve and anxious customers behind you, you will be able to grab your cards from your bag or purse with ease and get you on your way.

How The Tab ‘N Grab Came To Be

The Tab ‘N Grab was created based on a real life event where frustration and angst overwhelmed people that I had seen at the local grocery store. People were angry that something so simple as finding their credit card had become a hassle and more embarrassing than it needed to be.

Because of this, I decided to make a prototype, with custom tags to identify the cards, for my wife to see what she thought about this seemingly simple idea. Once people saw my wife using our prototype, it became clear that we had something on our hands.

From there, I believed there was a need for such a product. However, after taking the my ideas to a manufacturer, I ultimately decided that it was a risk that I didn’t want to take for the sake of my family. However, with crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, I now have the chance to produce the Tab ‘N Grab at no risk to my family’s livelihood.

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About Us

Hey everyone, I’m Chris D. and I am a family man in the truest form. I have been married to my beautiful wife Talona for 8 years (together for 11) and I’m the proud father of 3 of the most amazing children on planet earth. Everything that I do is done to create a better future for my family and I feel the Tab ‘N Grab is the next step for my family and I.

If the Tab ‘N Grab becomes a success, I would love to set the profits aside for my childrens’ college education. I realize that the Tab ‘N Grab won’t change the world like the first smartphone, sliced bread, or the wheel, but I feel this little invention is a great way to save people’s time and help secure my children's’ future.