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Telesummit - Virtual Summit - Multi-Speaker Event Page (Fully Customizable) (Mike & Robin Pisciotta)
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Robin & Mike Pisciotta
About the author
Robin & Mike Pisciotta
Robin & Mike Pisciotta are highly sought-after Marketing Mentors & Revenue Strategists who have transformed hundreds of their clients into ‘funnel fanatics’, ‘leverage lovers’ and ‘money masters’ through list building, email marketing, launches, funnels, automation, and conversion techniques that have resulted in multimillion dollar successes. Purpose-driven entrepreneurs all over the world are paying attention to what Mike & Robin have to say about leverage, and their now-famous "shortest route to cash" strategies that bring accelerated results, without being a slave to your business. As stay at home parents of a three-year-old and a brand new baby, they believe that making tons of money is pointless if you’re strapped for time, so they’ve mastered the art of leveraging and maximizing every ounce of your online marketing so you can serve more people, make insane amounts of money… and have the freedom to enjoy it all. Audience Attraction + Revenue Strategies For Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs @
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