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I am so glad to share with you a part of my journey and everything I’ve learned so far about wellness, fitness, nutrition, beauty, training and diets, fashion and everything that woman needs to stay fit, healthy and fabulous.

A little bit about me.

I was born in Ukraine, raised in different parts of Eastern Europe. I moved to the U.S. when I was 21 years old full of hope, big dreams and adventurous spirit. Let’s say that my life here didn’t exactly started the way I thought it would and I grew up REALLY FAST… Although, I am very grateful for each lesson I’ve learned in my life, I wish that certain things wouldn’t happen to me, but everything has it’s price and anything worthwhile is never easy.

Today, I am a successful International Personality and I’ve been modeling for over a decade in Europe and the United States. You probably saw me on many covers or inside of the most prestigious National and International fitness, health, fashion and beauty magazines.

I am, also, a published writer and expert columnist for several fitness, nutrition and beauty magazines globally, as well, as the author of “Butt and Thighs Training Manual for Every Woman”.

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Over 157 Pages Reveal Exactly How Any Woman Can Firm Up, Feel Great And Look HOT.